Thanks to ISO 9001 EA 37 Certification, we are qualified to provide training courses to acquire and/or consolidate skills in technologies relevant to the realization of the digital transformation process, including Industry 4.0.

We organize training courses dedicated to specific topics and aimed at improving the professional skills of company personnel and technicians in industrial fields.


Our course is aimed at learning industrial robotics. Furthermore, being personalized, it is suitable for any previous level of preparation. The duration and the topics covered are agreed upon during the purchase.
The main issues that can be dealt with are

  • Fundamentals of industrial robotics
  • The reference systems
  • Manual Jog
  • Robot configuration
  • Movement programming
  • The variables
  • Communication with other equipment (FIELDBUS)


Our PLC course is structured to learn the fundamentals of industrial programming. The composition of the course can be agreed upon during the purchase.
The main topics that can be covered are:
  • PLC's hardware structure
  • First START-UP
  • The hardware configuration
  • Merkers
  • Main system blocks
  • Functional blocks (FB, FC)
  • Datas' structures
  • Programming's foundamentals
  • Software's writing
  • The laguages
  • Safety hardware structure
  • PLC's Safety program


Our course is designed to learn fluidics, especially in the industrial automation sector. No previous experience or certification is required. The arguments can be agreed upon during the purchase.
The main topics covered are:
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Cooling down
  • Refrigerant
  • Refrigeration
  • Lubrication
  • Grease lubrication


Our hardware design course is designed to provide the basis for the design of electrical automation panels and on-board machine systems in compliance with the CEI EN 61439-1 / 2 and CEI EN 60204-1 Community standards.
A basic knowledge of electrical engineering is required (main electrical quantities, dangers for people and systems related to the use of electricity, basics of an electrical circuit and its main components) and electrical machines (motors and transformers) .
The topics and the level of study can be agreed upon when purchasing the course.
The main topics covered are:
  • Machines power supplies sectioning and related lockout and tagout
  • Power parts' sizing (protections, power supplies and converters inside the electrical panels) and sizing of the control and command circuits (contactors, auxiliary relays and PLC)
  • Internal and external cables' sizing
  • Sensors and actuators electrical connection on machine side
  • Electrical cabinet and machine side marking with warning and danger plates
  • Creation of electrical diagrams using computer software such as Spac automation and Eplan;
  • Production of necessary end-of-work documentation.

Our courses are aimed at individual companies or groups of companies.

Our courses are specific and personalized: the contents, methods and duration of the courses are decided directly with the Company, based on the specific needs of the Company itself.

We can also provide the necessary assistance to evaluate and verify the possibility of accessing any public contributions intended for training activities.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us using the methods you find in the contact section.
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